Sleep easy, your plant sanitation is in trusted hands.

We work through the night to ensure your work day starts on time, and your facility is safe and clean! We are PSSI. It’s what you don’t see that sets us apart.



Whether we are keeping a plant sanitized and safe or finding new ways to help you save costs and preserve resources, our people and yours are at the heart of everything we do.



We are the nation’s No. 1 contract sanitation company with the largest team of highly trained technical experts dedicated to trouble shooting employee safety, food safety and sanitation issues.



As well as skilled technical, sanitation and janitorial experts, we offer additional services like tracking dry pick-up and preserving water for no extra cost. Our total solution approach includes labor management and materials to get the job done.

Only we have the skill to redefine clean.

We are PSSI, the people who bring a superior service and a higher level of commitment to clean. Whether we are keeping your plants sanitized and safe or finding new ways to help you save costs and preserve resources, we proudly protect your people, your brand and keep your plant audit-ready.

We are PSSI. People are at the heart of everything we do. We redefine clean.

Advertorial: Got Sanitation Headaches?

Plant managers have a lot on their plates—and on their minds. Find out how contract sanitation delivers a simple remedy for common operational headaches.

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News Release: Keep Listeria at Bay This Spring

With warmer weather comes an increased risk for Listeria. Follow these tips for conquering seasonal sanitation challenges in your food plant.

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If you think cleaning is a menial job, you’ve never met me. What I do protects your people, your food supply and, ultimately, your brand.

Jacob, PSSI Employee

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