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When looking at sanitation shift injuries caused by food processing machines, one machine stands out: The conveyor. At PSSI, conveyors contribute to more than half of all machinery-caused injuries to sanitation workers and cause some of the most serious injuries and deaths.

 “Employee fractures forearm when pulled into conveyor,” and “Employee is killed when caught in conveyor belt” are just two headlines from incidents reported by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA).

Because PSSI believes that employee safety is its most important value, the company started an initiative focused on minimizing team member exposure to running conveyors. Many in the industry believe that conveyors need to be running at all times during the sanitation process, but PSSI has proven that run times can be reduced during sanitation to prevent serious injuries. From January 2017 to October 2017, PSSI cleaning shifts reduced conveyor run times by 30 percent. Here’s how:

PSSI first assessed run times to take stock of the initial conveyor cleaning methods. This information served as a baseline to construct the remainder of the program. Next came hands-on training, using engaging videos and activities and on-the-job coaching in safer cleaning methods. Stage three of the program included on-floor training, reviewing lock out/tag out and pre-op training and program acceptance. The final stage is now underway, assessing final run times on conveyors and reviewing the effectiveness of the program. Preliminary results show injuries have gone down due to the dramatic reduction in run times.

PSSI’s innovative cleaning methods show that pushing boundaries can save lives and promote a higher quality of living for all those involved in the industry.

Learn more about PSSI’s approach to safer conveyor cleaning in a free webinar. PSSI’s Vice President of Technical Services, Todd Mitchell, presents the methods and results of the conveyor belt initiative. PSSI believes that safety should not be a trade secret—but rather a topic to be shared to make the entire industry safer.

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