Every football player wants to make it to the sought-after Sunday afternoon bowl game in February. But to play in that coveted spot, it’s not just about a one-time performance. It’s about the work put in ahead of time.

In food processing, an audit is not unlike the big game. Everything is on the line for the plant during an on-site inspection. Like a football team preparing every day for the upcoming game, the sanitation crew dedicates every night to achieving a successful sanitation audit.

Here’s how Packers Sanitation Services, Inc. (PSSI) sanitation team members stack up:

Quarterback (Site Manager)

This is the person calling the plays and leading the team. Like football quarterbacks, PSSI site managers know the strengths and weaknesses of all team members. They make sure each of their team members know how to play the game safely and are trained on proper cleaning techniques and processes.

Sanitation worker

Offensive Line (Sanitors)

To outscore the competition, the offensive line battles in the trenches to protect the quarterback from an early sack. In sanitation, PSSI sanitors do the dirty work of protecting the plant from microbes and bacteria trying to contaminate hidden crevices and infiltrate the food system. Like an offensive line, PSSI sanitors know the techniques and processes needed to eliminate the competitor. Sanitors are routinely trained on when, where and how to sanitize surfaces – protecting the food system from a recall disaster.

Defensive Line (Chemical Program)

The defensive line protects the line of scrimmage and does everything in their power to control or push back the opposing team. At PSSI, sanitors employ sanitation chemicals to control and eliminate bacteria. And just as every great D-line requires the right mix of skills, experts from PSSI’s chemical partner, Packers Chemicals, Inc., can be used on-site to ensure that proper titrations and rates of chemicals are used for each plant’s needs.

Administrative workerDefensive Backs (Documentation/Record Keeping)

A great defensive back will make it almost impossible for the opposing team to score against them. PSSI makes sure your records have you covered by documenting the procedures and techniques so your plant is ready for inspection at any time—making the audit process not just simple, but also successful.

Special Teams (Technical Service)

Special teams players are integral team members whose main role is to set the rest of the team up for success. PSSI technical service experts are called in to evaluate microbial issues and make sure team member safety is our highest priority. These PSSI special teams are used specifically for chronic microbial issues and implementing food safety procedures, which ensures the entire plant is set up for successful sanitation.