Discover how our process goes beyond just cleaning to benefit businesses in a variety of ways.

In 2018, food safety is more important than ever. Listeria and Salmonella outbreaks are increasingly common and a single incident can damage a brand’s reputation beyond recovery. Our process can turn a plant from unclean to sanitary in a matter of hours.

Staffed and Ready

We have the largest and most competent service team in the industry. This allows us to ensure that sanitation shifts have enough staff. Unfortunately, this can be a huge problem with an ongoing industry-wide shortage of sanitation workers. By staffing appropriately, we never leave things to chance.

Sanitizing Overlooked Areas

At PSSI, we don’t just clean the easy parts—we seek out often overlooked problem areas. For example, Listeria is one of several cold-tolerant bacteria that can grow even at refrigerator temperatures. Our crew sanitizes refrigeration and freezer units that occasionally go unnoticed. Drains are another danger area. One-third of drains tested positive for Listeria in one study, due to their warm and moist environment. We avoid issues by meticulously cleaning every drain. Any hard-mounted equipment or machines that can’t be disassembled requires a sanitation expert with the expertise, tools and methods to adequately and safely clean machines in place.

Finding Solutions

Our experts can stop microbes in their tracks by identifying potential trouble spots. We can recommend ways to redesign areas of your facility and identify surfaces that would benefit from hygienic design improvements. That’s going beyond cleaning. Finding smarter solutions to sanitation can improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The Best Products

When it comes to cleaning products, there is a long checklist of components to manage. Water quality readings, concentration ranges, storage of products and team member training all must be perfected and audit-ready. PSSI manages the entire process for you in partnership with its preferred supplier, Packers Chemical Inc.

Next-Level Compliant

With increased scrutiny of food safety practices by audit authorities, any food facility should be focused on converting their plants to the next level of compliance. If you haven’t already, consider switching to digital record-keeping practices. The experts at PSSI can help you document sanitation practices to meet audit demands.

Regulations & Responsibility

When it comes to food safety, the buck stops at the CEO’s office. New regulations can be overwhelming. That’s why we help companies comply with the latest rules and audit processes.

Plus, in today’s tight labor market the costs of hiring, training and retaining workers can be a big number on a company’s balance sheet. PSSI takes full responsibility for sanitation teams—not only worker training and management, but also the costs of health insurance, worker’s compensation and other employee benefits. With contract sanitation these become fixed costs for the company rather than unpredictable variable expenses, making it easier to manage budgets.

Outsourcing your sanitation program to PSSI allows you to focus on what you know best—your business. When you contract with our specialized team to manage sanitation crews, equipment and time, you can create efficiencies and save time.